Looking back at my childhood …

Many days I look back at my childhood and teenage days and realized my family was strict for a reason. I am currently 21, and I reside back at home due to my abusive relationship of 6 years ending. My ex-boyfriend and I were together for 6 years, and I lived with him for 4 out of 6 years in our own apartment/home. Once our relationship ended, I was pretty much forced back home. I was working and making decent money, but living on your own is hard. Especially starting all over again with secruity deposits, first and last months rent, furniture, decor, and so on. I had all of those things, but whenever my relationship ended it was my life or my material items. Of course I chose my life.

Growing up, my life was amazing for the most part. But I hated how my parents were so strict, and then kids in school would have parents that let them do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Of course being kids and seeing others with more freedom makes you jealous and wonder why you don’t have that type of freedom. Until I became an adult and mature, I never understood why my parents were the type of parents they were.

I barely got to go to sleepovers, unless it was with family members; like my cousins. I was raised to be respectful, and proper. My parents aren’t millionaires, but we were/are very wealthy people. I always thought maybe it was because of how much money families made that determined how strict parents were as well. My mom constantly said “you’ll understand when you’re a little bit older….” and I truly wish I would of listened/believed her at the time. I was not rebellious, or a “bad” child/teenager, but I did do things I shouldn’t of done.

Living a sheltered and strict life as a child has it’s ups and downs, and to be honest, I never rebelled badly. My bad things included: sneaking out, driving past 10pm with my license (at 16 in my state, you can’t drive past 10pm until you’re 17). Those things aren’t nearly as bad as what most kids have done.

My parents loved/love me unconditionally, and wanted what was best for me. Looking back, I really would not change anything, or I wouldn’t of learned valuable life lessons whenever I was younger. Sometimes though I sit back and wish I could change my childhood and be the “perfect child” for my parents.
Being young is fun and you learn many valuable lessons, but I hate feeling like I disappointed my family.
If you could change your childhood and/or things you did wrong, would you?

Comment below if you would, and what you would change.
Have a great day everyone! Thanks for reading this small post, just needed to express my thoughts really quick.
-Life as a 20-something…….. BLB

2 thoughts on “Looking back at my childhood …

  1. ljrain says:

    I think no one realizes until we are much older why our parents did what they did. As a parent now, I see myself doing much of the same things my parents did that I said I would NEVER do. But, we want to protect our children and we love them so much.

    Parents make mistakes, I know I do. I have several regrets and I put my parents through a lot not when I was in my teens, but when I was in my twenties. Now, I want to make a difference and change the world. I learned to care for people and give back from my parents and other family members.

    I enjoy reading your posts and I am glad you are writing and sharing your stories. We have to help others and your stories will do that.

    Thank you


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