10 Things You Probably Do NOT Know About Me,

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. There’s so many things my own family does not know about me. My life has been great, and also a complete shit show. 

So, let’s mix up the good and bad in this little blog post. Shall we? 

***(I wanted to do this post to let you all get to know me just a little better.)***

  1. I am a recovering addict. I am 2 years clean and sober of heroin. I now work my ass off everyday, 80 hour weeks. From where I once was to now, I am doing fantastic! (previous blog post explains how I got led to my addiction)
  2. I work for a company that has group homes all around Pennsylvania. I work with 2 clients in a house the company rents with their money from the government (group home), and I take care of them on a daily basis. 80 hour weeks, and endless nights/days breaking down at work. My clients have intellectual disabilities AND behavorial health problems on top of that. Everyday I am hit, spit at, and bit. I am hit hard too. I have clients that are non-verbal, but they are able to move and walk just fine. I love working in this field, but I break down from how stressful it truly is.
  3. I have been physically, mentally, and emotionally abused. My ex (previous blog post explains this as well) was a very sweet man at times, but then he would snap. He would go back to drinking every so often, and when he did, it got worse (the abuse).
  4. I have been arrested. Yes, I know… WHAT?! I know that’s probably what you’re thinking. I was always a good kid, I got addicted to drugs (I did them, but my ex pretty much started my addiction; previous blog post too), but that was not why I went to jail. I got into a fight DEFENDING myself. However, I really hurt the person that hit me first, so I went to jail… I only went to jail because I had no marks, but she did. They told me that’s how it worked, even though I defended myself. I was in there for a week, used my ‘ARD’/get out of trouble free card. I only had misdemeanors (simple assault and something else), nothing serious.
  5. I have such a huge heart, and pretty much get used and walked all over. It happens with friends, my ex, my co-workers, etc. I let my ex-boyfriend get away with anything and would still help him with money, rides, whatever he needed. My friends tried to sleep with my ex-boyfriend, and I still gave them the benefit of the doubt and helped them with anything afterwards.. UNTIL, I started to realize I needed to stop being walked on and used.
  6. I just bought a newer car (2009 Honda Civic; 80,000 miles) myself, and it was from working this whole year, 80 hour weeks. I busted my ass this year. I got clean, and got determined to better my life. FOR ME!
  7. I am 4 foot, 8 inches. Yes I know, I am very short. I am the same size as I was at 10, at 21. (GASPPPP)
  8. My previous relationship was my longest. Six years together when we broke up! I can not believe how long we were together. From 15-21. Highschool sweethearts for sure; yeah right. 
  9. I have been blogging for 7 years. I have had countless accounts. My last account had 9,000 followers, and it was the most sucessful one. One day I tried to log-in, and my account was deleted. I used a free site like this one, and since I used their site and domain, they technically “owned my blog, and could delete it or use it at any time.” WTF?!!?! How that is fair, I have no idea.
  10. I HAD A STALKER EX-BOYFRIEND FROM 6 YEARS AGO! YES, you read that right. A ex-boyfriend from 6 years ago stalked me! That is a story for an upcoming blog post!

Thank-you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this blog post and got to know me some more!

Let’s get this blog to 9,000 followers like my previous one! Oh how I wish they wouldn’t of deleted it!

-Life as a 20-something

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