Confessions of an insecure girl..

Let’s face it, I know I am not the only insecure girl/woman out there. I know all these confessions will probably suit all of you women and even men. 

All my life I have been so insecure. I was 100 pounds and hated myself, I am now 135 and still hate myself. It is known in life, no matter what you have that you feel you “want”, you will still be insecure, and hate the way you look.

So…. here’s my confessions;

Confession 1: I was in a relationship for 6 years up until a few months ago. Even though my partner loved me for me, I still felt insecure. If we were getting intimate, I felt so ugly and fat. Sounds crazy right? Six years with him, why be insecure? Well.. I felt he looked at these beautiful and skinny women and then seen me and felt disgusted. I wondered if he thought “what if she was skinny like her, or pretty like her?” I felt like such a turn off. Men see all these models, porn stars, actresses, etc. that are gorgeous with the best bodies, and then there’s good ole’ me. Yeah, I sound silly. But, I am insecure. So I think some crazy sh!t.

Confession 2: Like I said above, I was in a long term relationship for 6 years. But I always wondered… “what am I going to do if we break up and I move on?” or “I will probably be single for a very long time.” The reason behind these questions is the simple fact of moving on. I am so insecure now, if I would meet someone and move on, I would be so uncomfortable. I would NOT be secure enough to take me clothes off around another man (unless I am drunk and the room is pitch black). There’s no way I would feel “sexy” around someone new. I would feel like they would point out/look at my flaws when I am paying attention to something else. What if I meet someone, and we are in bed cuddling and he feels my stomach and feels my few rolls, or feels some imperfections I have? 

Confession 3: This is going to be the last confession for the time being. This one is so important to me. I don’t love myself, my body, my looks, etc. how am I supposed to open up to love someone else? If I can’t love myself, how am I going to love someone? If my insecurities are this bad and I hate myself, no man will ever be able to love me nor will I be able to love him back. If you do not love yourseld, chances are it’s going to make loving someone else very hard. 

I learned this last confession the hard way, sadly….
Comment one of your insecurity confessions! These confessions help girls who sre suffering worse than other. It shows they aren’t alone, and others feel the same insecurities they feel. 
Thanks for reading and/or commenting on this short blog post. 
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