How to make your relationship work… 

Dating and relationship advice.

Have you ever wondered what might help your relationship? Well, if so, I have some good new! I have a few tips/tricks to help your relationship.

If your relationship has always been fairly good, here is a few tips/tricks for you:

  1. No matter how long you’ve been dating/engaged/married, always let your significant other feel valued, loved, and important to you. If you’ve been with your significant other for 2 months, or 20 years, they always deserve to feel loved, and important. Yes, this is for the ones who have a great relationship still to this day, and nothing has changed much since the day you started to get involved with one another. But no matter how well your relationship has been from day 1, everyone deserves to be reminded of their worth to their partner
  2. Suprise your significant other with
  • Dinner Dates
  • Gifts here and there (take your significant other out to buy a new outfit, then tell them you made reservations for the night, and that’s what the outfit is for) for your lover will keep your relationship feeling new/exciting still, and surprises are always nice!
  • Take some time out of your schedule for you significant other. Take a day off from your guy/girl friends, your shopping/fishing day’s, or your over-time day’s; and cuddle and watch Netflix with your partner.

       3. I know you probably already do this often since you have a pretty good relationship with your partner, but, always appreciate them and what they do/do for you.

Okay….. Now, these tips are for the gals/guys who feel their relationship isn’t so stable/good anymore:

  1. So, if you’re on these tips, it’s safe to say that your relationship needs some help. A great first tip to helo your relationship work better is to always communicate properly about what is bothering you/why you feel your relationship is where it’s at, at the moment.
  2. You can never tell your partner too much just how much they truly mean to you. 
  3. Compliment your partner. Weather you compliment their outfit, how nice they were, promotions at work, how good they treated you, etc. etc. etc.
  4. Lastly on this list, compromise. If your partner, for example, doesn’t like something you did, compromise to find a suitable solution that pleases you BOTH, for a comprimised outcome.

I hope these tips/tricks for good or bad relationships helped you!

No relationship is ever “bad” or “great”, but some may have a rockier relationship VS. other people’s relationships. That is why I split the tips into the above “catergories”. 

Good-luck to everyone who seeked advice from this blog post, I hope you found some useful tips to try with your partner. Thank you for reading, and have a great day everyone!



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